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Dayton’s Reply to Crockett’s Email

Dear Kim:

Thank you for taking the time to send our office a letter. We appreciate your sharing your thoughts on a solution to balancing our state budget.

Budgets are about dollars and cents, but they are also a reflection of our values and priorities, and how we choose to close this budget gap will speak volumes about the kind of state

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According to BLS, Jobless Rate in Minnesota is 13.8%; Hundreds of Jobs Go to Wisconsin and Overseas

Here is an MPR Article on the actual rate of unemployment in Minnesota : “We’re talking about U-6, a measure that not only counts people employed and unemployed but also takes into account people who are working part-time but want full time as well as “discouraged

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AP: “Plummeting tax revenues starve government just as Obama embarks on big plans”

debtAccording to an AP analysis, tax revenue is expected to fall 18% this year, the largest single year drop since the great depression. According to the article, individual income taxes are down 22%, corporate income taxes are down 57%…

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