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Dayton and Obama: Same Refrain of Tax the Rich. But Have Republicans Failed to Make Their Case?

Governor Dayton and President Obama have an awful lot in common ideologically. And the debate going on in Washington sure sounds a lot like the one we are having here in Minnesota. Did Minnesotans get what they voted for?

While “Tax the Rich” is a tired liberal refrain, maybe “No New Taxes” is tired, as well.

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What is Not on the Shutdown Agenda: Public Pensions

Steve Malanga from the Manhatten Institute published a reminder today about the “squeeze” that public pensions are placing on local governments all over the United States (see Wall Street Journal, “The Local Government Pension Squeeze.”) . All the promises made but not funded are coming home to roost.

Public pensions, a hot national topic, were of great interest here in Minnesota this last session but they did not make the legislative priority list (except for the now in-doubt consolidation of the old Minneapolis Police and Fire funds

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Here comes the Judge(s); Can the Governor Sidestep the Legislature by Running to Court?

The Minnesota Supreme Court has dismissed a petition by GOP senators to limit spending to those required by the state Constitution, federal mandate or statute. Ramsey County district judge Kathleen Gearin has rejected Gov. Dayton’s request to appoint a special mediator between himself and the Legislature. Judge Gearin also rejected a request by four Republican lawmakers that she order Dayton to call for a special session.

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