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Medical device tax hurts both patients and providers–and has big impact in Minnesota

ObamaCare created an arbitrary 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers that could have a devastating impact on the jobs of over 26,000 people in our state who work for medical device companies. The healthcare legislation will fall heavily on smaller, start-up companies as well large innovative businesses that are essential to revitalizing our economy […]

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David Strom in WSJ: Minnesotans Shrug Off the Shutdown

Great News: David Strom is back as a policy fellow with the Minnesota Free Market Institute. Here is some vintage David Strom humour and wisdom on the reaction of most Minnesotans to the Shutdown (the Wall Street Journal has set up a pay wall; out of respect for the WSJ’s right to charge for excellent content while being frugal non-profit, we will work on a link to the entire article): Minnesotans Shrug Off the Shutdown: The unavailability of beer, cigarettes and fishing licenses seemed to annoy them the most.

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Is this the Final Shutdown Weekend?

Here is a link to Governor Dayton’s offer letter today. Gary Gross from Let Freedom Ring had some good observations, including details about former Minnesota Free Market policy fellow King Banaian’s reforms, on the negotiations to end the Shutdown: Is Our Long National Embarrassment Really Over? Maybe. Mitch Berg calls it a Win for the […]

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