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Solar Subsidies in Minnesota, Part 2

Bill Glahn

In Finance and Commerce, freelance writer Dan Haugen attempts to answer the question that I posed a couple of weeks ago.  Dan phrases the question from the point of view of two local solar manufacturers, “How will Silicon Energy and TenKsolar manage in oversupplied solar panel market?”  (Read more….)

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The Solyndra – Walmart Connection By Paul Chesser — National Legal & Policy Center blog

A lot has been said about the ties of George Kaiser, a campaign contribution bundler for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, to the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal that likely has cost taxpayers $535 millionthanks to a Department of Energy loan guarantee. Kaiser’s investment firm, Argonaut Venture Capital, held over 35 percent of the failed solar company’s stock – more than anyone else. […]

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