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Federal Power Grab by Summer Stealth; Brought to Minnesota by Obama’s EPA and Council on Environmental Quality. It’s Time to Contact Your Senators.

Federal Power Grab by Summer Stealth; Brought to Minnesota by Obama’s EPA and Council on Environmental Quality

Background: The Minnesota Free Market Institute has joined the American Environmental Institute (AEI) and The National Water and Conservation Alliance to lead a coalition of interested organizations and individuals to challenge the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, made up of 80 environmental organizations, and the Environmental Grantmakers Association, a consortium of over 200 corporate foundations that
generously fund the movement.

We need your help to quickly educate Minnesotans and our leaders about a federal effort by the Obama Administration:

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The Economic Consequences of Good Intentions: Mark Glaess

We are pleased to bring you this commentary by Mark Glaess, Manager for the Minnesota Rural Electric Association . Mr. Glaess cites the study we commissioned from the Beacon Hill Institute released last week.

“The Economic Consequences of Good Intentions”

Not long ago, San Francisco officials forced “low-flow” toilets on the populace to save water. However, these water-saving devices are not producing sufficient surge with each flush to keep the solid waste pipes under the streets of San Francisco from becoming constipated. To address this problem, the city just ordered $13 million worth of Clorox to pour down the drains

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Update to Press Release: Renewable Energy Mandate is Bad News for the Economy and Environment

News Update: Finance & Commerce ran an article on the study we released this week (links to the study and a summary are below) . While we take issue with the comments made by Michael Noble at Fresh Energy (there’s a surprise), we appreciate the coverage. Judging by the comments to the article, the readers at Finance & Commerce share our skepticism about renewables and our sense of humour. You can read the article and comments here.

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