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Unions, the Feds and School Budgets

Just a quick observation to start the week after a gorgeous, long Minnesota weekend. The Strib featured two front page articles on Labor Day: one was entitled ” Students Pay Price for Cuts in Education” and the other, noting labor’s disappointment with Obama and a shift of focus to the states as the main battleground

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Heads Up, Minnesota! Wisconsin Sees Immediate Returns on Union Reforms

The Wall Street Journal today detailed some of the immediate benefits from the reforms championed by Gov. Walker and the GOP lead legislature: a balanced budget without tax increases (see Ohio and Indiana, too), huge savings for school districts on health-care plans who are now free to get competitive bids, and

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Lawsuit Against 2010 Pension Legislation Soundly Dismissed

Two former public employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the state challenging pension legislation that state lawmakers passed at the end of the 2010 legislative session. The legislation was intended to shore up the pension funds by reducing future increases paid out to retirees until the funds recover from deep unfunded liabilities. The case known as

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