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Health Care Insurance Exchanges: What is the GOP to do?

Here is an excellent summary by Kaiser Health News of the dilemma that GOP lawmakers face with regard to health care exchanges. The exchanges are required by ObamaCare. If Obamacare is not defeated either by the U.S. Supreme Court or by repeal by Congress, the state of Minnesota has to have an exchange in place on Jan. 1, 2014. Rep. Steve Gottwalt, who opposes ObamaCare, think the state is better off crafting the exchange sooner rather than late

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Supreme Court to Consider ObamaCare Appeal

Today is a big day in the legal challenge to ObamaCare: The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether to hear, on an expedited basis, the challenge brought to the law by Ken Cuccinelli, the attorney general of Virginia. David Catron has more.

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Round 2: Obamacare and Judge Vinson

Update) The Florida case (involving 26 states) against Obamacare has a new development as of March 4th .

The Wall Street Journal had the best summary I’ve seen so far. Vinson stayed his ruling/injunction while the case is appealed

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