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Should Minnesota drop out of Medicaid?

Healthcare Screwed

One of the possible consequences of ObamaCare is that states might come out ahead financially ┬áby dropping out of Medicaid–and without reducing the number of people receiving taxpayer assistance. First, here’s a quick review of Medicaid. No state has to have a Medicaid program, but all of them do. That’s because if they do, they […]

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Medical device tax hurts both patients and providers–and has big impact in Minnesota

ObamaCare created an arbitrary 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers that could have a devastating impact on the jobs of over 26,000 people in our state who work for medical device companies. The healthcare legislation will fall heavily on smaller, start-up companies as well large innovative businesses that are essential to revitalizing our economy […]

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ObamaCare Disrupts Employer-based Insurance, Spikes Federal Deficits

More evidence this week that ObamaCare means the end of health insurance as we know it: “A report by McKinsey & Co. has found that 30% of employers are likely to stop offering workers health insurance after the bulk of the Obama administration’s health overhaul takes effect in 2014.” That’s the lead in a Wall […]

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