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Good News for 2012: Ethanol Tax Credits, Tariffs, End

The federal 46-cents-a-gallon tax credit for corn-based ethanol, and a tariff on imported ethanol, has expired. Mark that as one good start to 2012. A bad policy that is over 3o-years old has (partly) come to an end. The credit and tariff have cost motorists billions of dollars, contributed to the cluttering of the tax code, […]

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Energy Policies and World Hunger: Remarks by Whitney MacMillan, Chairman Emeritus at Cargill

corn as fuel for car

A key part of most Thanksgiving Day celebrations is an abundance of food. This is a good time to reflect on some policy decisions about food, including this stunning fact: We feed 40 percent of the corn crop in the United States to machines, not people. How has ethanol policy affected  world hunger? Whitney MacMillan, former chairman […]

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