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The Solyndra – Walmart Connection By Paul Chesser — National Legal & Policy Center blog

A lot has been said about the ties of George Kaiser, a campaign contribution bundler for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, to the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal that likely has cost taxpayers $535 millionthanks to a Department of Energy loan guarantee. Kaiser’s investment firm, Argonaut Venture Capital, held over 35 percent of the failed solar company’s stock – more than anyone else. […]

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A Quiet Revolution: Oil Security is Within Our Grasp by Bill Glahn

Bill Glahn

Just when it seems that all the news is bad, a ray a light peeks through the clouds.  Our dependence on foreign oil, a bugaboo for Presidents dating back to Nixon, has finally begun to recede.  And the biggest reason can be found next door inNorth Dakota.   As with the natural gas revolution of […]

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Why can’t I buy electricity at the farmers’ market? By Bill Glahn

Walmart is America’s largest grocer.  Yet farmers’ markets seem to be more popular than ever.  Both can survive and thrive because they offer consumers distinct choices and cater to different types of customers.  At Walmart, I can save money, live better, and buy a can of “dolphin safe” tuna at a competitive price.  At my local farmers’ […]

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