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David Strom: The Republicans Need More Backbone

David Strom, policy fellow, had an opinion piece in the Star Tribune this weekend, ” Republicans Play Hardball Because They See the Light”.

Sadly, not even David Strom can make us smile. There is no humour here unless it is gallows humour. Please read the entire article (here are a few teasers.)

“The crisis is not that we are having a hard time lifting the debt ceiling. The crisis is that we have to raise it by $2.4 trillion just to pay our bills through 2012.”

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David Strom in WSJ: Minnesotans Shrug Off the Shutdown

Great News: David Strom is back as a policy fellow with the Minnesota Free Market Institute. Here is some vintage David Strom humour and wisdom on the reaction of most Minnesotans to the Shutdown (the Wall Street Journal has set up a pay wall; out of respect for the WSJ’s right to charge for excellent content while being frugal non-profit, we will work on a link to the entire article): Minnesotans Shrug Off the Shutdown: The unavailability of beer, cigarettes and fishing licenses seemed to annoy them the most.

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Shutdown Funding Explained by Professor Fred L. Morrison

Professor Fred L. Morrison was the research director of the Minnesota Constitutional Study Commission when the current version of the Minnesota Constitution was re-adopted in the 1970’s. The Star Tribune published his commentary this morning arguing that the U.S. Constitution requires certain spending in the absence of an appropriation (e.g. a minimum standard of care for anyone in custody; honoring state contracts for goods and services; federal legal requirements including grants to the state for social welfare programs and

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