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Rep. Steve (the “Draz”) Drazkowski to speak at Uof M on Right to Work Amendment: Noon Oct. 27th

Rep. Steve Drazkowski

The Student Employment and Labor Law Association (SELLA) at the U of M Law School is hosting a lunchtime panel discussion Thursday, Oct. 27th, in Auerbach Commons, on the topic of right-to-work legislation. The specific focus is likely to be on the proposed right-to-work constitutional amendment which stalled in the Minnesota legislature this past summer. […]

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Forced Union Membership Has No Place Among Home-based Daycare Providers

Minnesota is atwitter this week in talk that the home-based daycare providers in the state may be unionized. There are some good reasons for the concern. First, let’s draw one important distinction: We are not talking about large, commercial daycare businesses such as Kindercare (35 locations in the Twin Cities) or New Horizon Academy (over […]

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