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Celebrate Independence Day: What are the Core Functions of Government?

(Republished for 2011) Besides brats, beer and fireworks, a great way to celebrate our Independence and the legacy of Freedom is to think about the proper role of government. The Star Tribune published Kim Crockett’s article on how the desire to fund “good things” can lead to

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Here comes the Judge(s); Can the Governor Sidestep the Legislature by Running to Court?

The Minnesota Supreme Court has dismissed a petition by GOP senators to limit spending to those required by the state Constitution, federal mandate or statute. Ramsey County district judge Kathleen Gearin has rejected Gov. Dayton’s request to appoint a special mediator between himself and the Legislature. Judge Gearin also rejected a request by four Republican lawmakers that she order Dayton to call for a special session.

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Where Do We Go From Here? By Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly, our chairman, has published a terrific article entitled, “Where Do We Go From Here?” Our friends at the Center of the American Experiment, where Tom is a Senior Fellow, have joined with us in publishing….

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