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A Quiet Revolution: Oil Security is Within Our Grasp by Bill Glahn

Bill Glahn

Just when it seems that all the news is bad, a ray a light peeks through the clouds.  Our dependence on foreign oil, a bugaboo for Presidents dating back to Nixon, has finally begun to recede.  And the biggest reason can be found next door inNorth Dakota.   As with the natural gas revolution of […]

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Mixed News on Greenhouse Gas Emission Ruling

Statement from American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center director Dr. David Schnare on the June 20th Supreme Court decision in American Electric Power v. Connecticut:

Monday, June 20, 2011
Contact: Paul Chesser, executive director, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org

From Dr. David Schnare, Esq.:
“Today the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that federal common law nuisance claims cannot be brought against utilities for their greenhouse gas emissions. (American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut, U.S., No. 10-174, 6/20/11). It wasn’t a surprise to any competent lawyer. Nor was this any kind of big win for those skeptical of climate change alarmism. But, this decision does signal one important point.

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Federal Power Grab by Summer Stealth; Brought to Minnesota by Obama’s EPA and Council on Environmental Quality. It’s Time to Contact Your Senators.

Federal Power Grab by Summer Stealth; Brought to Minnesota by Obama’s EPA and Council on Environmental Quality

Background: The Minnesota Free Market Institute has joined the American Environmental Institute (AEI) and The National Water and Conservation Alliance to lead a coalition of interested organizations and individuals to challenge the Minnesota Environmental Partnership, made up of 80 environmental organizations, and the Environmental Grantmakers Association, a consortium of over 200 corporate foundations that
generously fund the movement.

We need your help to quickly educate Minnesotans and our leaders about a federal effort by the Obama Administration:

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