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Dayton and Obama: Same Refrain of Tax the Rich. But Have Republicans Failed to Make Their Case?

Governor Dayton and President Obama have an awful lot in common ideologically. And the debate going on in Washington sure sounds a lot like the one we are having here in Minnesota. Did Minnesotans get what they voted for?

While “Tax the Rich” is a tired liberal refrain, maybe “No New Taxes” is tired, as well.

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Celebrate Independence Day: What are the Core Functions of Government?

(Republished for 2011) Besides brats, beer and fireworks, a great way to celebrate our Independence and the legacy of Freedom is to think about the proper role of government. The Star Tribune published Kim Crockett’s article on how the desire to fund “good things” can lead to

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Lawsuit Against 2010 Pension Legislation Soundly Dismissed

Two former public employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the state challenging pension legislation that state lawmakers passed at the end of the 2010 legislative session. The legislation was intended to shore up the pension funds by reducing future increases paid out to retirees until the funds recover from deep unfunded liabilities. The case known as

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