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Encouragement Amidst U.S. Downgrade and Global Selloff : Let’s Renew Declaration of Independence From Ourselves

While it is easy to get discouraged with the current administration at the national helm (more of the same tax and spend policies that got us in this mess), the Wall Street Journal sounded an encouraging note this morning about the “downgrade uproar” in its lead editorial “A Downgrade Awakening”.  

The good news, we hope, is that this difficult period–which we have not seen the bottom of— will cure young people (current and future voters) of the notion that government creates jobs, government spending stimulates the economy and that it’s OK for  government to borrow to pay back debt.

That will only happen if we teach and convince our young taxpayers/voters that our freedom and prosperity comes from private property rights and private enterprise operating under a government of Limited Powers. Maybe then they will be less tempted than their parents and grandparents to trade their freedom for what has turned out to be an illusive security–or to shove the costly burden of their retirement and health care onto their children and grandchildren while fooling themselves that they have paid for it.

It is up to us to tell this story accurately and to remind all Americans of our heritage as a free, not dependent, people. Our friends on the left are poised with a moral to the story that we did not spend enough, that government just needs to do more and we can pay for it by taxing “the rich.”  They run our public schools and dominate the media and universities–thus they have a lot of control over the message.

Free market enthusiasts need to bust through the left wing noise to tell the young that we have been playing a loser’s game for decades that they would be wise to reject as they take the helm early in the 21st century. Let’s start with a Re-Declaration of our Independence from the weight of our own human  insecurities that fuel oppressive government  laden with massive entitlements for individuals and corporations alike. Let’s Re-Declare the radical notion, proposed in 1787 in the U.S. Constitution, that our federal government is one of Limited Powers and tap our ingenuity to peel off the chains that bind us. This requires leadership from all of us.

Bring on the 2012 Elections. They cannot come soon enough.


Health Care Insurance Exchanges: What is the GOP to do?

Here is an excellent summary by Kaiser Health News  of the dilemma that GOP lawmakers face with regard to health care exchanges. The exchanges are required by ObamaCare. If Obamacare is not defeated either by the U.S. Supreme Court or by repeal by Congress, the state of Minnesota has to have an exchange in place on Jan. 1, 2014. Rep. Steve Gottwalt, who opposes ObamaCare, think the state is better off crafting the exchange sooner rather than later so that the GOP is in the drivers seat as much as possible, while other lawmakers are more willing to “play chicken” (for lack of a better phrase) with the Obama administration and Gov. Dayton.(Both Obama and Dayton support a public option or the full socialization of medical care).

Healthcare activist Twila Brase (Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom www.healthcarefreedom.us ) has lead the fight against caving to a sense of inevitability on ObamaCare; she can pack the room at hearings with citizens, many of whom are active in tea parties, who are not willing to give an inch on ObamaCare. Her argument is that any exchange Minnesota sets up will be run by the Feds anyway, that the sense of control that Gottwalt and the business community seeks, is an illusion.

We have opposed ObamaCare as bad law and bad policy. Kim Crockett has testified throughout this session on the constitutional issues raised by the legislation. We respect our fellow conservatives who are on the front lines of this dilemma and hope, when the session is over, to bring all parties together to discuss the best solution for Minnesotans.

Tax Freedom Day Song: How Will You Celebrate?

Tax Cut Rally

Our good friends at the Tax Foundation have a fun music video with a songTax Freedom Day.”

We would love to produce these kinds of fun videos here in Minnesota. If you have any talent to lend in that department, let us know!

There are Tea Party events all weekend–an amazing one tonight (indoors!! where it is WARM) with Bill Whittle and Ernest Istook followed by a rally at the Capitol tomorrow—you can get all the details here.

I’ll be up at the Tea Party in Princeton tomorrow talking about public unions/collective bargaining and pensions. And of course, it is cold and windy!