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Special Session Adjourned: Shutdown Ends

The Minnesota House and Senate passed legislation last night ending the historic shutdown of “non-critical” services. The GOP joint press release  includes a summary of the bills (Health Care $11.3 billion, Education $13.6 billion, Taxes $2.9 billion, State Government Finance $818.9 million, Higher Education $ 2.565 million, Jobs and Economic Development $170.3 million, Judiciary/Public Safety $1.807 billion, Transportation $125.7 million, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources $252.704 million, Agriculture $76.601 million and  Bonding $497 million). The Legislature also passed the pension omnibus bill which included the consolidation of the closed  Minneapolis police and fire pension funds into PERA; it now has to be approved by those pension funds and the city of Minneapolis by September 15, 2011.

Special Session: Pensions Omnibus Includes Mpls Pension Consolidation

The Special Session Agenda includes the Pension Omnibus bill.   Here is a summary from the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (LCPR).   The Mpls Police and Fire Closed Pension Fund consolidation into the state pension fund known as PERA is at the end of the summary. 

We have written about the Mpls deal here. 

The HHS Bill finally posted

The HHS Bill was supposed to be up yesterday–we have heard it will be voted on tonight but it just went up. We will see what actually takes place.

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