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The Political Allocation of Capital: RFK Jr and BrightSource by Bill Glahn

On a day when Nobel-prize winner and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu is on the hot seat on Capitol Hill, answering questions about the Solyndra scandal, details are coming out about an even larger, potential scandal.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports about a $1.4 billion bailout for a firm tied to environmental lawyer and Presidential nephew Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  The Mail reports,

“The revelation was made in an explosive new book, Throw Them All Out, which exposes the secret financial deals of an inner circle of businessmen and politicians in the White House (read more….)

Snatching Environmental Defeat from the Jaws of Victory by Bill Glahn

Driving around this afternoon, I caught this story on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).  With great sadness, MPR reports that Minnesota currently meets national air quality standards.  But don’t despair, big opportunities are coming to micromanage your lives (read more on Bill’s Blogspot….) 

Minnesota County Offers Pushback to EPA

Federalism in action! The Koochiching County Board has declared its support for North Dakota in its legal battle with the EPA. Members of the board say the EPA’s requirements are unproven, expensive, and threaten the economic vitality of the region.

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