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The Utter Folly of ‘Taxing the Rich’

This article originally appeared in the Star Tribune on February 23, 2009. Comments welcome there. To date, legislators who eventually must resolve the looming $6 billion state budget deficit have been trial-ballooning spending cuts and tax increases while looking over their shoulders with fingers crossed hoping that the federal stimulus package will help bail them […]

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Pioneer Press “Pat Anderson: A Risky Venture for North St. Paul”

Pat Anderson: A risky venture in North St. Paul

By Pat Anderson

Updated: 02/18/2009 08:37:06 AM CST

There was a time when being a city official was fun. You never had to really worry about where revenues were coming from. Property values increased every year and tax revenue, too, even without higher tax rates. Those days are gone, and state-aid cuts are coming with a flurry as the state scrambles to balance its own budget. The recession has hit city hall.

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And you thought the spending in the stimulus package was bad….

There is so much in the Stimulus Package that we are only now learning about and likely to learn about after it passes. And don’t feel that you are the only one uninformed. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 58% of the American people believe that most members of congress don’t know what’s in it either.

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