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Star-Tribune: Make Taxes Lower, Flatter

When it comes to tax policy, the road to prosperity is paved with low, flat rates, not gimmicky credits. A recent editorial in the Star-Tribune appears to agree, criticizing a proposal for a two-year tax credit, and calling instead for some reforms. The editorial, “GOP has a better business tax idea,” correctly, dings Gov. Dayton’s one-time […]

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Encouraging Economic Growth: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

What steps can a state government do to promote economic growth? Stateline.org recently discussed the topic. It noted that it’s hard to answer that question, since “state economies are often at the mercy of the larger national economy. It’s also because governors can’t negotiate free trade deals the way a president can, or lower interest […]

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Did You Do It For Love, Did You Do It For Money?

Advocates of public sports stadiums should admit that they are homers, not economic development experts. That’s the conclusion of an editorial from Bloomberg.com. The headline announces: “As Super Bowl shows, build stadiums for love and not money.” It notes that the Lucas Oil Stadium, the site of the recently completed Super Bowl XVI, cost $720 million–of […]

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