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School Choice: Doesn’t Hurt, Often Helps

Breaking the chain between street address and the school a child attends–school choice–is not only moral, it works. Education Week recently ran a commentary from nine scholars who make that point. The nine, who include representatives from the American Enterprise Institute and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, say that in 20 years we have learned […]

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Shifting Towards a Sales Tax

While government needs taxes to run, not all taxes are equal in their effect. A new report from the Tax Foundation–State and Local Sales Taxes in 2012–evaluates the burden of state and local sales taxes across the United States. It shows great variation. State sales tax rates range from 0 percent (Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Oregon), […]

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Stadium Talk Sucks Money Into Politics

About a week ago at Politics in Minnesota, Briana Bierschbach described how Indian tribes have changed their political donations. (Tribal gaming dollars go bipartisan) In short: They’re giving more money to Republicans these days. In rough terms, the ratio has gone from 12:1 (favoring the DFL) to a ratio of 1:1. The flipping of the Legislature […]

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