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Working until April 17 to pay for government

In 2012, Americans will work 8 hours a day, five days a week, from the beginning of the year until April 17 to pay for the spending incurred in their name by federal, state, and local governments. That’s one of the findings of the Tax Foundation’s latest calculation of “Tax Freedom Day.” Tax Freedom Day […]

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Is a more-educated retail sales force worth the money?

Is the expense of going to college worth it? When you consider not only tuition and books, but also opportunity costs, the answer is sometimes “no, at least from a financial standpoint.” The Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education, naturally enough, is an advocate for spending on higher ed. It cites, among other things, salary […]

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A Surplus Now, but the Deficit’s On the Way

Minnesota Management and Budget has forecast a tiny surplus in the state budget for the current biennium. Great. But as Commissioner Jim Schowalter observes, “we still have lots of IOU’s” to pay back–including the “school shift” of $2.7 billion. The press release also shows another cloud on the horizon: “The forecast shows a projected deficit […]

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