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Minnesota Legislative Leadership Defends Voter ID in Court

During this biennium, the Minnesota Legislature proposed a new constitutional amendment: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require that all voters present an approved form of photographic identification prior to voting; all voters be subject to identical eligibility verification standards regardless of the time of their registration; and the state provide at no charge […]

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The State-by-State Economic Impact of Proposed EPA Regulations

As a nation, we’ve made great strides in combining growing the economy and cleaning up air pollution. But as the¬†Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is setting up to roll out nine new new rules or regulations, most of which are related to coal-powered electricity, it’s worth asking, “Is the gain worth the pain?” The report,¬†Economy Derailed: […]

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Minnesota #41 out of 50 on economic outlook

By current standards, Minnesota’s economy is among the best in the nation. But will it continue to be in the top tier? Last year, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said that Minnesota ranked 13th in per capital personal income. The state’s average income of $42,843, was six percent higher than the national average. That’s pretty […]

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