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About the Minnesota Free Market Institute

Welcome to the Minnesota Free Market Institute website.
As our masthead declares, the Minnesota Free Market Institute is dedicated to preservation of and education about free markets. We do so not because we have a partisan political ax to grind, but because, quite simply, history has proven free market capitalism, with all its flaws, is undeniably the most effective form of organization for providing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Focus on Principle, not Politics

Consequently, information you gather from the Minnesota Free Market Institute adds a dimension to your reporting that is not likely found in other sources. In arriving at our positions on the issues of the day, we focus on free market principles, not partisan politics, and follow those principles where they lead.

For example, at the Minnesota Free Market Institute, the issue is not “more taxes” versus “no new taxes”; the issue is the most effective way for government to raise the revenue it needs to fulfill its constitutional obligations – no more, but no less – causing the least amount of distortion in the market.

We recognize that policy decisions always involve trade-offs. Whether those policies tend toward progressive central planning or more open free market capitalism, trade-offs are inevitable. Our focus is on those trade-offs and what they mean for economic growth and prosperity in Minnesota.

How We Analyze Issues

We apply the same approach to analyzing issues like climate change, education, health care and transportation. Free market principles, like the laws of physics, are a given. Government intervention, for better or worse, changes conditions, but it cannot defy the laws of economics anymore than the intrepid Commander Scott of Star Trek fame “canna defy the laws of physics.”

The incentives created by government policies have seen and intended and unseen and unintended consequences. The Minnesota Free Market Institute strives to make both sets of consequences visible – a dimension of discussion seldom found in articles published in the mainstream media today.

Finding Information to Give your Reporting more Depth


Below you will find links to press releases issued by the Minnesota Free Market Institute. For your convenience, we have also tagged quotes on various topics that you may grab for use when you are on deadline or as interview prep when you contact the Minnesota Free Market Institute for deeper discussion – and please don’t hesitate to contact us. That invitation extends to all mainstream and citizen journalists.

For purposes of attribution, the Minnesota Free Market Institute is a “classical liberal” organization based on the governing principles of the primacy of individual sovereignty, the sanctity of private property, and preservation of the rule of law.