If you agree that environmentalism needs a radical change in course, join us for an event tomorrow.

Contact Don Parmeter  (612) 558 – 2859.  Call with any questions or comments.

Reinventing Environmentalism
6-8 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 12
Kelly Inn, St. Paul



1.  Introductions
2.  Additions/changes to the agenda
3.  Review/Update of Issues:
a.   Energy Policy: Something new in the wind?
b.   Status of EPA proposals on Clean Water Act & Clean Air Act
c.    International Joint Commission/EPA plans for northern MN
d.   Heart of the Continent Partnership
e.   President Obama’s Executive Orders
(i)   Rural Council
(ii)  Great America Outdoors
4.   Agenda 21
5.   Proposed Legislation for 2012 Session:
a.  Property Rights (private & public land and water access/use)
b.  Energy and Climate Change
c.  Watershed/Governance Model
d.  Clean Water Legacy Act Amendments
e.  Amending the Boundary Waters Treaty
6.   Proposed Congressional Oversight Hearings in MN
7.   Coalition Membership and Organizational Plans
8.   Other Issues
9.   Adjourn