The Minneapolis Firefighters closed pension fund voted as expected in favor of joining their fellow firefighters in the state PERA fun. Steve Brandt from the Strib has been faithfully covering this beat—-here is the story. The police, who have had more issues with this merger, will vote by September 15th this week. If the police say “no” the deal if off.   Here are some previous articles from us on this story….  We understand why this looks like good government to Republicans and Democrats alike—and not just a bailout for the sins of the City of Minneapolis (which has failed for decades to fund pensions). The problem is that the actuarial shenanigans practiced by the State of Minnesota mean that when the actual bill comes due, if Minneapolis cannot pay up (it is supposed to pay Minnesota), then state taxpayers will be on the hook for these funds (if the police fund says yes)–in addition to all the other unfunded promises made by the state. But what’s a few million among friends?