If you have young children, the ultimate act in severing yourself from the laws governing education is to become a homeschooler. And in Minnesota, being a homeschooler has become a little easier, at least from a legal standpoint.

The Grand Forks Herald published an article this week with the headline, “New legislation gives home-schoolers more respect and freedom.” It describes some elements of the omnibus education bill enacted by the last session of the Minnesota Legislature.

Parents who do not have a college degree used to have to submit quarterly report cards to the local school district. Now they don’t.

Parents still have to send some documents to the district they live in, but the requirements have been simplified. (By the way, that also means less hassle for the school district.)

For more information on this option, see the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance and Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators. The second is, as you can infer, takes a distinctly religious viewpoint; the first does not.