After I made my commentary on the HHS omnibus bill, at least one significant change came about–the elimination of language dealing with insurance exchanges. This is a big deal.

Lines 258.29-259.34, 259.1 and 259.2 of this version of the bill (which all run together) appropriated money for a “streamlined eligibility determination” system for state health care programs. The system will “enhance customer service for applicants and enrollees; incorporate eligibility changes in a timely manner; promote ongoing program integrity; and integrate Minnesota health care programs into the health insurance exchange authorized under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 62V.” (emphasis added)

Yet if you go now to the House list of bills for the special session, click through to the omnibus bill, you’ll find an updated URL. More importantly, look for the same lines, and you will similar language, with one significant omission: There’s no mention of a health insurance exchange.

This is a significant development.

Credit for this correction–and quite possibly the striking of the exchange language–goes to Twila Brase of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom. She said the following in a Facebook post:

Pays to “TRUST BUT VERIFY.” Late last night I found the Obamacare “health insurance exchange” language in the MN special session HHS bill (HF 24). Leadership scrambled after I notified key legislators. They delayed vote and introduced a whole new bill (HF 25). No one seems to know how the language got in there, but it’s gone now. This is why an hour from posting to passage is never a good idea.