Governor Dayton

Governor Dayton and President Obama have an awful lot in common ideologically. And the debate going on in Washington sure sounds a lot like the one we are having here in Minnesota. Did Minnesotans get what they voted for?

While “Tax the Rich” is a tired liberal refrain, maybe “No New Taxes” is tired, as well. Fiscal conservatives need to take their case to Minnesotans on the $15+ billion dollar public pension crisis and how K-12 education and Health and Human Services is gobbling up 70% of the $65+ billion dollar operating budget.

The Wall Street Journal weighed in this morning with this editorial:

“Minnesota prides itself as the land where liberal governance works, but lately the wheels have come off. The state is broke, and as of July 1 most state services are closed amid a budget stalemate between Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Republicans who run the legislature. The drama may be a forecast of the looming standoff in Washington, so it’s worth reporting what the scrap is about….” (Here is a PDF of the Op-ed or Read More; if you’re not a subscriber, the article will be behind a paywall. You may be able to read the whole article if you do a Google search on the title of the editorial and then click through on the result.)