• Kurt Zellers: Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives (R-Maple Grove). Elected in 2003. Speaker of the House in 2011.
  • Amy Koch: State Senator (R-Buffalo). Elected in 2005. Senate Majority leader in 2011.

The GOP leadership joined host Gary Eichton today on the Mid-Morning show. You can listen to the audio here.

I had the chance to listen to most of the program–they did an excellent job in making the case for the proposed budget. Gary Eichten┬ádid not do an excellent job; he kept pushing the idea that the GOP leaders should meet the Governor “in the middle” and “be done with it.” That’s not leadership. I like Eichten because he can be counted on to ask tough questions. This time he was pushing his own point of view. That’s not good journalism. And it is partly what gives MPR/NPR a bad name.