Dear Kim:


Thank you for taking the time to send our office a letter.  We appreciate your sharing your thoughts on a solution to balancing our state budget.


Budgets are about dollars and cents, but they are also a reflection of our values and priorities, and how we choose to close this budget gap will speak volumes about the kind of state we want to be.  Governor Dayton has made it clear that he cannot support the all-cuts budget that came to his desk from the Legislature.  He believes the negative impacts are just too great on Minnesotans and our communities.


Governor Dayton has put forward a different choice – one that combines tough but responsible cuts with new revenue, by asking the top 2% of income earners to pay more.  This is in stark contrast to a Republican proposal that would raise property taxes, cause thousands of Minnesotans to lose their health care, and deliver deep cuts to higher education, our schools, and services to seniors and the disabled.


From the beginning of the legislative session, it has been clear that compromise would be necessary to balance our state’s budget.  Minnesotans, in their wisdom, voted for a divided government because they want each party to work together and compromise.  With more than a week to go in the Legislative session, the Governor offered a fair and balanced compromise to meet the Republicans half-way. So far, the Legislature has not agreed to the governor’s offer to meet halfway.


Minnesotans now have the opportunity to judge for themselves the choices that were made at the Capitol.  The Governor will continue to work towards compromise in the hope the Legislature is willing to take even one step towards the middle and a balanced solution.


Thank you again for your letter.  Please continue to contact our office with any further questions or concerns.






Benjamin Hill

Office of Governor Mark Dayton