We are a proud member of the State Policy Network (SPN).
We have a great video from MSNBC’s “Ed Show”  about SPN’s vast right wing network of free market think tanks.
There is an investigative reporter segment with Mother Jones Magazine (really?) with the reporter wearing a suit and tie. He explains to Ed Schultz that free market think tanks are “knee capping” the unions so we can “knock out the middle class.”
Forgive me, but I’ve always though Ed looked like a union thug enforcer. Am I alone here?
The segment credits free market think tanks with the passage of Right to Work laws which are passed by part-time legislators who do not really understand what they are doing!
The reporter fails to mention that government-employee unions spent $172 million of their member’s dues in 2010 campaigning against conservatives and for pro-union candidates.
Or that private employees have rejected unions (only 7% are unionized) while in Minnesota, for example, which is not a Right to Work state (yet),  89% of public employees are union members (and forced to pay 85% of union dues even if they are not a member).

I think the taxpaying middle class would be firmly on our side if we could just get the free market message to them. Will you help us do that?
Let’s make Ed’s worst nightmare come true and make Minnesota a Right to Work state.

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