Kim Crockett, President

Kim Crockett of the Minnesota Free Market Institute today added her voice to those who found the draft Minnesota pension reform study uninspired at best and blatantly misleading at worst.  The study is being conducted by the state’s three largest pension funds, the Minnesota State Retirement System, the Public Employees Retirement Association and the Teacher’s Retirement Association.

Crockett writes:  “Despite sobering unfunded liabilities and a broad legislative mandate to examine alternatives, the draft study and the handling of the release reveals that the pension plans are deeply wedded to the current defined benefit plan and its assumptions about contributions from taxpayers and income guaranties in retirement. We feel it is fair to conclude that the study is biased against serious analysis of the myriad problems facing the pension system and any fundamental change.” 

Click here to view Crockett’s full commentary.

You can also view comments submitted by Mark Haveman, the Executive Director of Minnesota Taxpayers Association here .