Governor Dayton

Its official: Governor Dayton’s Budget would increase taxes on all Minnesotans!
As noted in the February blog post, Governor Mark Dayton’s Repeated False Statement about Taxing All Minnesotans, Dayton falsely claims “95% of Minnesotans will experience no tax increase as a result of Dayton’s budget.“
Yet, according to the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s Analysis of the Tax Incidence of HF 1231 (Paymar) – Governor Dayton’s Tax Proposal, every income level of Minnesotans would pay higher taxes as a result of Dayton’s budget.
The public doesn’t know whether Governor Dayton doesn’t understand what he is doing, or that he does understands and is not being candid with the people of Minnesota about hiking taxes on all Minnesotans, and we don’t know which one is worse.