According to a Rasmussen Poll, almost half of the folks surveyed via telephone were sympathetic to Governor Walker in Wisconsin.  The GOP had a hat trick last fall, taking both houses of the legislature and the governor’s office.

In case you missed the fuss: “In an effort to close the state’s sizable budget deficit, Walker is proposing to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees including teachers on everything but wage issues. He is excluding public safety workers such as policemen and firemen from his plan.”

Where is Minnesota’s leadership? According to Politics in Minnesota this morning: “ON WISCONSIN: Both Koch and her House counterpart Matt Dean were somewhat restrained Friday when pressed for their thoughts on the protests going on across the border in Madison. Dean said Minnesota’s situation is different, with different laws and different proposals. On a proposed right to work constitutional amendment, Dean would only say it’s moving through the committee process, but he and Koch both stopped short of saying they’d support such a move. They did say, however, that public employees, their benefits and salaries will be part of a budget solution.”

We note that New York’s new Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned public employee unions that he expects painful concessions to get the state’s fiscal house in order. It will be interesting to see if New York erupts like Wisconsin–or if much of the work will be done behind closed doors.