Rep. Steve Drazkowksi (R-28B) introduced legislation that would give state workers greater control over their careers. The legislation, which if passed, would go to voters in the form of a constitutional amendment, is generally known as a “right to work” law. Workers would have the option of either joining a union and paying dues–or not joining a union.

According to KSTP, “The measure only needs a simple majority in the House and Senate to pass, which is controlled by Republicans. Democratic Governor Mark Dayton would not have veto power. If the measure passes in the legislature, that means it would go the voters in the form of a Constitutional Amendment on the November 2012 ballot.”

We have noted elsewhere that the Supreme Court’s ruling  known as the “Beck” decision, is routinely ignored–meaning that state employees are forced to support union politicking with their dues, in violation of their First Amendment rights.