Here is the latest Rasmussen Poll: Many Favor Cutting Pay, Benefits of State Employees

If the poll is accurate, Americans are evenly divided. We are surprised that the poll did not reflect greater support for across the board cuts. Perhaps this is because so many people now work for the government. This breakdown is revealing:

“Perhaps not surprisingly, while 60% of entrepreneurs and a plurality (45%) of private company workers favor a 10% pay cut for public employees, 75% of those employed by the government do not. “

Here is some good news on attitudes toward pensions:

“Many states are also looking for ways to reduce large pension benefits promised to public employees as another way to help reduce their deficits. Only 26% of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes to ensure that all pension benefits promised to public employees are paid. Forty-three percent (43%) would rather reduce the benefits. Thirty percent (30%) are undecided.”