sorry we're closedYou may recall that Minnesota was ranked 43rd out of 50 for Business Climate by the Tax Foundation. The Tax Foundation has produced a podcast comparing the Plain States. This may explain why Minnesota, while enjoying a lower unemployment rate than the nation, continues to lag behind some of its neighbors in job growth and prosperity. Since when do we settle for 43rd place? Taxes are only one element; we must also look at the regulatory scheme, energy supply and prices, transportation and the quality of our workforce–just like employers do when they decide where to start a business and where to grow.  You can click here to listen to the PODCAST

Kail Padgitt of the Tax Foundation: The Business Tax Climate in the Plains States


On this week’s podcast, Tax Foundation Staff Economist Kail Padgitt, Ph.D., discusses the recently released State Business Tax Climate Index for 2011, with a focus on the upper Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota). The Index ranks the tax systems of the 50 states from 1 (best) to 50 (worst).

For more information, see Tax Foundation Background Paper No. 60, “2011 State Business Tax Climate Index.”