As far as we know, no one predicted that the GOP would take the Senate in Minnesota. And the predictions for the House take-over were generally more modest than what happened. The KSTP poll on the governor’s race showing a dead heat between Emmer and Dayton turned out to be a very accurate predictor, whereas the MPR/HHH poll was wildly inaccurate.  We’ll keep that in mind when Professor Larry Jacobs and MPR issue future polls so close to an election.

We would like to know what our members think about the Horner candidacy now that the election is over and we are facing an audit and possible recount.

Our good friends at the Taxpayers League have got a great election summary for you:


The 2010 Election will go down in history nationwide and in the state of Minnesota as a stunning victory for the GOP and for the ideals of economic freedom and limited government.  The victories of the GOP in the Minnesota legislature, in the U.S. Congress, as well as Governors races and state legislative races across the nation have changed the face of Minnesota and American politics.
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