You probably know what your annual income is–perhaps even how much you earn in each paycheck. Do you know how much the State of Minnesota spends each year?

Earlier this morning I was in a conversation that prompted me to look up that number. You can find it at the office of Minnesota Management and Budget. In brief, the state spends (through money it raises itself or receives from the U.S. government) $5,760 per person per year. That’s not per family or per household, but per person, from your 8-month old child to your 80-year old grandfather.

That’s just state money. Add in money that your local government and school district spends out of local property tax levies and local sales tax options. Top it off with a generous serving of spending by the U.S. government, and we’re talking about some serious expenditure of money on your account and in your name.

Is that money being well spent? If not, what should citizens and concerned lawmakers do?