Brad Smith You are invited to a dinner on October 26th with Brad Smith. Mr. Smith is the former chairman of the Federal Elections Commission or FEC—will be here to talk about Citizens United vs. FEC and the state of political speech and election law. Given the uproar caused by Target’s contribution to MN Forward and an on-going lawsuit against Minnesota’s latest disclosure rules, it should be an interesting and informative evening. The event is at the Double Tree in St. Louis Park from 6:30-8:30pm and the charge is $30. We are co-sponsoring the event with the Center of the American Experiment (CAE), the Institute for Justice and the Federalist Society (now known as the “Fearless Foursome”).

CAE will be handling reservations.

You can reserve a seat now at or by calling 612-338-3605 (ask for Britt Drake at ext 10). You can also mail a check to CAE  12 South 6th Street, Suite 1024,  Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Here is an interesting article and interview with Smith:

And here is a law review article by noted First Amendment lawyer, Floyd Abrams, on the Citizens United case:

Here is Abrams concluding paragraph: “That, it seems, is to be the fate of Citizens United amongst far too many of those who sit in judgment on it. I have a different view. When I think of Citizens United, I think of Citizens United. I think of the political documentary it produced, one designed to persuade the public to reject a candidate for the presidency. And I ask myself a question: if that’s not what the First Amendment is about, what is?”