Mark DaytonMatt Peiken, a Twin Cities journalist and self-described progressive, offered a refreshingly honest and fair critique of Mark Dayton’s career. We are a bit surprised that the Strib published this commentary. Kudos to the Strib. It will undoubtedly be punished.

The spectacle of a trust fund baby beating Kelliher was just too much. It was quite interesting to watch two guys out-spend the endorsed (woman) DFL candidate. Entenza was spending his wife’s money to get elected, so he could spend your money once elected. (Advice to Lois: put your husband on a tight budget.)

Dayton, using his inheritance, ran on the message of taxing the rich–though in reality his regressive policies will tax all Minnesotans (more on that later). He is the classic guilty trust fund baby. He has never created wealth or jobs and fails to grasp the moral superiority of the free enterprise system that created his wealth. We suggest he revisit how his predecessors built the company that has employed so many and the company that has given so much to Minnesota. (We note here that Dayton’s ex-wife, Alida Rockefeller Messinger, contributed to his campaign.)

Enough sermonizing, here is the commentary by Matt Peiken:

Mr. Peiken has a website called “3 minute egg” featuring videos of the Fringe festival and other Twin Cities attractions. While we do not share his progressive views, we share his irritation and appreciate his sharp writing and entrepreneurial spirit. We wish him great success. Here is his website.