Last fall, the “Climategate” scandal erupted when emails and documents from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) were released (without permission) to the public. The CRU emails, including some with Michael Mann at Penn State, revealed a pattern of conduct that no one– but especially no scientist– would be proud of; requests to delete inconvenient emails, the exclusion of scientitists who are viewed as “skeptics”  from the peer review process and hiding the ball from formal information requests. The terrible fall out–and the lesson to be learned for all of us— is that “science” has been revealed to be quite vulnerable to political pressures especially when combined with generous grants. The old saying “Follow the Money” certainly applies here. That sad point was made last summer at our Climate Change Symposium by Dr. Fred Singer. (And we continue to follow this important issue because the global warming activists, lead by Al Gore et. al., have captured our government at the local, state and federal level. The impact on free enterprise and individual freedom is profound.)

Climategate has now been “reviewed” several times by organizations we should be able to trust; a special committee of the British Parliament, Penn State, an environmental agency of the Netherlands and most recently the University of East Anglia itself.

The Minnesot Free Market Institute (and other members of the No Cap and Trade coalition) approach these “reviews” with great skepticism. The reviews seem less than indepedent in their methodology and conclusions; the self-dealing is just compounded . Moreover, we are impressed with the speed with which they were all done. It seems that the institutions who are committed to the UN’s view of  global warming (which relies on CRU data) were in quite a hurry to do damage control following Climategate.

The Wall Street Journal, which shares our skepticism, covered the latest review here:

You can read more at the Volokh Conspiracy (by Jonathan Adler), including international commentary about the quality of these reviews here:  .

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