On October 14th, the Minnesota Free Market Institute hosted world renowned climate skeptic, Lord Christopher Monckton, before a cheering crowd of over 700 at Bethel University in St. Paul.  In his 95-minute speech, Lord Monckton, who served as policy adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, utterly destroyed the so-called ‘science’ behind global warming (the entire presentation is available on DVD).

But it is the last 4 ½ minutes of his speech that have been echoing worldwide ever since and have been seen by over 2,000,000 people.  In that four minutes, Lord Monckton drew attention to the alarming Copenhagen Treaty discussions scheduled for Dec. 6-10 which have the potential to authorize a world governmental body (requiring Senate ratification) to regulate climate and to require that industrial nations pay a substantial “climate debt” to developing countries.  With headlines such as “Is Obama Poised to Cede U.S. Sovereignty?”, the video clip began circulating on YouTube the day following the speech and since then, well over 2,000,000 people have viewed it.  In addition, nearly 100 exact copies of the video have been downloaded and are circulating on the web.  The clip was replayed on Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs as well as local TV stations – and Monckton himself did live interviews with Neil Cavuto and Glenn Beck.   An op-ed thanking Lord Monckton for raising his concerns about the Copenhagen Treaty appeared in the WSJ (Asia edition) on October 28th.

The Minnesota Free Market Institute was delighted to play such a significant role in blowing wide open the national debate on climate “realism” vs. “alarmism” and on emissions regulation schemes such as cap-and-trade and the Copenhagen Treaty.