baucusThe “Kerry-Boxer” bill made its way through the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee this morning, despite bipartisan opposition to the bill. The legislation calls for an ambitious 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, a number that will undoubtedly meet tough opposition by Senate Republicans and coal state Democrats. Montana Senator Max Baucus already voiced his displeasure with the number, saying he had “overall concerns” about the effects of a 20% cut. However, Baucus did pledge to work with Senate Democrats to craft climate change legislation.

Republicans boycotted the senate panel, preventing any amendments to the legislation. Under Senate rules, two Republicans needed to be present to debate and amend the bill. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee voted for the measure saying she is, “voting to bring this bill out of committee (anyway) because we need a signal to the world that America wants to be a leader” on climate change.

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The legislation is S. 1733, information on the legislation can be found here.

Information on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works can be found here.

Amy Klobuchar’s Senate website can be found hereEmail