polar bearThe UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that polar bear expert, Mitchell Taylor, is not being allowed to participate in a meeting of the Polar Bear Specialist Group held in Copenhagen this week. Taylor, who has been researching polar bears for 30 years, was told that he was barred from the group because “his views on global warming do not accord with those of the rest of the group.”

The researcher insists that contrary to popular opinion among global warming scientists, the population of polar bears is not falling, but actually rising. Taylor believes the Arctic Ocean is warming, but does not attribute the warming to human behavior. The researcher believes the warming is due to warm currents bringing water in from the Pacific. Taylor, who had already raised the neccessary funding to attend the meeting, was told that he was excluded not because of a lack of polar bear expertise, but because he was a signer of the Manhattan Petition, a document attributing global warming to natural causes.

The suppression of science to further global warming scientists’ views does not seem to be limited to the Polar Bear Specialist Group. Last Week, the New York Times reported on a leaked Environmenal Protection Agency memo critical of the Agency’s use of “outdated science to support its finding.”

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