by Brandon Ferdig, Minneapolis Expression

Leadership2We begin with a definition.

American Leader: An individual who gives of their time to serve as leader and representative of their constituents; a person who serves to protect freedoms that will steadfastly be challenged by countless sources, foreign and domestic; an individual with the strength to hold this position, the integrity to maintain it, and the moral insight to understand it—all motivated to protect this land for their love of humanity.

Over the last century, we have witnessed an exodus of the American Leader. The American Leader has left and the void has attracted those who want the power to dictate to us where to spend our money, what behaviors are allowable, and how to conduct our private business.

What true American Leader wants to force citizens to give their money to another country’s citizens, military, or government? What true American Leader wants to enforce racism via legislation whether it is affirmative action or the first drug laws? What true American Leader wants to take from the citizens to subsidize a specific industry or a specific company? The true American Leader understands the immorality of enacting policies that take from some citizens to give to others, that slow down racial equality, and that hinder productive investment.

As America grew more prosperous, the pressure from within to enact such policies, to give, to take and manipulate this power became too much, and the American Leader broke…Leaders left the realm of public service.

As the role of politics in America continued to drift (resulting from perpetual exiting of qualified leadership) it attracted those whose motives were not in line with what is necessary to maintain the integrity of our system of government and preserve our individual freedom. It attracted those who were interested in control over others.

Today, we have a political system that attracts and elects people who know very little about the basic tenants of the American Republic. Their complete lack of consideration of the natural processes that freedom allows means they become inhibitors of freedom and so create delay in attaining the goals they attempt. Today, the representation in government and politics from the city council to the White House is a sharp contrast to the true American Leader.

The American Leader has become more distant than ever. The ill-fit leaders of the past 100 years have laid the groundwork for a system incompatible with the true American Leader. It seems only the ill-fit can play.

Involvement with politics is a discouraging and challenging prospect for the American Leader: How would/could an American Leader work with today’s politicians? Could they even be elected today?

Despite this, the American Leader must return.

Until true leaders step up, the ill-fit, present-day politicians will continue to manipulate power because they know no other way.

Until American Leaders return and volunteer, their own freedoms are in danger, theirs and their children’s way of life is compromised. If they do not do the job, false leaders will seize the opportunity. This country offers its citizens unlimited potential; but with great reward comes great responsibility. This country requires the special individuals who understand the combination to our country’s success. One must know it to protect it.

Only an American Leader can do the honor of serving because only they can do it in the one way it can be done—not with short-gained power and wealth in mind, but out of genuine love for themselves and their fellow citizen. It is necessary to have such conviction, integrity, morality and strength, that they may keep the inappropriate from entering, damaging the defense, and to refuse the constant requests from countless well-meaning and no-so-well-meaning people seeking others’ money for “the good of the country.”

Theirs is a leadership not of power but of the inner-strength to refuse power. Like taking a turn to stand guard at night, this country has always been charged with having these American Leaders, the ones who can grasp the morality and logic of the Constitution, to watch and protect this way of life.

The American Leader was mistaken for ever giving up the duty and for their subsequent refusal to fight. The longer they are away the harder it is to reclaim the country, giving it back to the people, and the more damage the ill-fit leaders will have caused.

Step up, American Leaders, whether wanted by the public or not. Plant the seed and prime the pump.

People are beginning to listen.

Brandon Ferdig is a local writer/blogger for He hosts a local cable access program by the same name, in which he interviews local figures. Contact him at