For those of you still waiting for summer to arrive, it might be a while. In an article today, Accuweather is predicting a year without summer for a large part of the United States, ranging from the northern plains to the Northeast. It shouldn’t come as a shock for those of you who have been waiting for a nice weekend up at the cabin. In fact as Paul Douglas notes in MinnPost

“Here’s the latest from Pete Boulay at the State Climatology Office: Highs below 60 for 3 days/row, first time that’s happened in June since 1951!

There have been only 3 other years since 1872 where the temperature has stayed below 60 degrees for 3 straight days in June — 1917, 1935 and 1937.”

These trends seem to contradict climate change proponents claims of warming. NOAA data backs up the claims of recent cooling.

2008 temps


Cold is also the reception Congressman Colin Peterson is giving to climate change legislation currently being debated in the House. The Blue Dog from Minnesota’s seventh congressional believes the climate change provisions of the American Climate and Energy Security Act “threaten the country’s efforts to become energy-independent.”  As the Chair of the House Agriculture committee, Peterson’s criticisms are a heavy blow to the legislation and he tells MPR that he has the votes to block the bill.

The lack of political support from key figures and the latest data might create a perfect storm against the efforts of climate change lobbyists.

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