metroroof2sizeAccording to today’s edition of the UK’s Telegraph, White House Energy Advisor, Steven Chu suggested that worldwide, all roofs be painted white in an effort to curb global warming. The suggestion came at a three day Nobel laureate symposium in London. Chu went on to claim the white roofs could negate the carbon output from eleven years worth of cars on the road. The controversial claim attracted hundreds of comments from skeptics. Some highlights:

  • “Ok, so today we paint them white, in a few months we paint them black…then repeat the cycle. Makes perfect sense to me. We need some adults back in charge, the children have about driven us over, strike that, are driving us over the edge.Anybody ever wonder why they limit the height requirement on amusement park rides or restrict the driving age to a minimum of sixteen? Your seeing it play out before your very eyes.Hollywood couldn’t have written this…”
  • “Hey Einstein, It’s cold here 7 months of the year. We need the warming sun on our dark roof or we’ll burn more wood and oil to heat the damn house.These are experts? In what idiocy.”
  • “…and check your tire pressure before you go to the hardware store to buy the white paint.”

You can file this idea next to the folder labeled “Cloud Whitening” technology.