I’ve been watching with great interest the public response to the sin tax hikes proposed in HF885, which the DFL passed and the Governor vetoed last week. The increases in the bill are staggering. Some highlights from the bill

  • The tax on beer would jump from $4.60 per barrel to $11.21
  • Distilled spirits taxes would increase from $5.03 to $7.59
  • The tax on wine would jump from $0.30 to $0.88

I had a friend on Facebook post a link to http://stopthemndrinktax.com, a straight-forward online petition against the tax increases. Perhaps more interesting is the growth of the Facebook group itself. The first wall post was posted on May 9th, already the group has over 2,800 members with no slowing down. The media coverage on the tax hikes has been minimal, but in the new social networking infused universe, it’s incredible how fast a resonating message can spread.

Check out their Twitter feed here.

Summit Brewing founder, and all around great guy, Mark Stutrud published an op-ed in the PiPress about the tax increases, read it here